Study: Extreme Exercise Isn’t Linked to Heart Disease

Came across this great blog post on what it takes to date an endurance junkie. I tell everyone who will listen, my wife treats me better then I deserve. As an endurance junkie here are a few of the things that make it hard to live with us. I do enjoy going out on the town, staying up late at night. But while Michele is warm and in bed, I will be out on the roads getting in a few night times miles. Although most nights come 9 p. I used to have pretty man feet, but they have taken a beating. Other then they are always little sore, they are my most important body part and the most fickle. When I ask you to hang out for 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours while I run an extreme distance.

How to date a triathlete/marathon runner/endurance junkie.

Amazon Global Store International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions. Any warranty descriptions were intended for US purchasers. Review “This is an attempt to provide current information in a field of sports medicine that has emerged with the popularity of ultramarthaons, crossfit-type endurance events, and triathlons.

The audience seems to include any healthcare provider interested in this area or who treats endurance athletes. I am happy to have this book on my shelf as it is a nice, concise resource on the important topics that are unique to endurance events.

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Welcome to the Dating Survival Guide, the Rosetta Stone for dating men who, instead of just being from Mars, appear to be from an entirely different solar system. And with good reason: triathletes make for some sexy men, and their shaved limbs will feel all silky on yours when you test their cardio in the sack. O la la! A minute bike ride followed by a minute run, for example.

Can be remedied with an energy gel or nutrition bar, which brings a triathlete back to life like Popeye and a can of spinach. Multi-sporting gets nasty. Hello, guilt-free pasta dinners! Guess what? Not happening. Most athletes have a very stringent training schedule that demands horrendous wake up times to fit their workouts into a day that has a regular day job on top of it. If you keep whining that he spends too much time at the gym, or keep seducing him into spending Saturdays in bed eating pancakes instead of doing 4-hour bike rides, he will drop you, guaranteed.

Maybe he likes you enough to make you his girlfriend, but triathlon is his wife. The most important thing to remember when dating a triathlete or other endurance athlete is to be his ally, not his enemy.

Effective Triathlon Training

I started this blog six years ago while grasping for some essence of identity. I had just traded my job as a University professor in Hawaii to serve tables in the small mountain town of Flagstaff. I had recently graduated with a Masters degree but decided to forego a career in journalism in order to stay home with our unexpected daughter.

I felt fulfilled by motherhood, but had lost a little bit of myself in its wake.

Our plans have been derailed and our training has likely been altered As endurance athletes it is hard to sit still, and even harder to sit still in.

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Dating or Married to a Endurance Junkie?

Though you may not have been able to see me for the past three hours, please be waiting and have my clothes ready. You need to learn that on your own. No, really. Friends and family will eventually decide not to dine with us anymore due to my horrid table manners. Chocolate and ice-cream are a perfectly acceptable breakfast. I am a very friendly person who will nevertheless punch you out of the way or push you onto the rocks going around Sandycove.

Relationships are hard. They’re even harder when one or both of you is an endurance athlete! CTS Coaches deal with it every day. Here’s their advice.

So Salty had really great timing when she sent out a message to us about Fitness Singles. Mostly about how she and her husband make fun of the ads how can you not? Naturally, I was a little nervous as to what types of men would be on there, but I figured it was better than the nothing I was getting from Tinder at the time. So after some back and forth with my fellow Salties, kprunss had a Fitness Singles profile.

I had tried online dating before. In the spring after I ended my almost seven-year relationship, I started dating again pretty quickly. In my experience, being an ultra runner and working full time is hard enough! Add in dating and suddenly life is a bit more difficult. Online dating made things a bit easier than I expected in some ways, but harder in others. And those are few and far between.

Where Have All The letes Gone? Dating In Endurance Sports

Ultramarathoner, adventure racer and endurance sports journalist Adam Chase goes head-to-head with Triathlete editor-at-large Holly Bennett as to the risks and rewards of dating in and out of the sport. I was once a triathlete. Now I’m a recovered triathlete. The process of recovery included switching my athletic focus first to ultra running, then to adventure racing, and now it is merely a hodgepodge of activity. And it amused me to see the consternation on the faces of my athlete friends as they struggled with the changes.

Providing comprehensive discussion of this newly developing branch of sports medicine, this unique and up-to-date book focuses specifically on the treatment of.

Single triathletes all over the world are looking for someone just like them. But is that a realistic feature to look for in a partner? Trust me, I get it. A triathlete as a partner means they understand the challenges and demands of the sport. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to find someone who does the same sport. But is your sport the only passion you have? I want my significant other to have a healthy activity they do with zeal, and it would be great if it was something that I could be a part of.

For my part, I love everything about the outdoors, so my person needs to be the same. To be honest, I spend more time playing other sports outside than training for triathlons. Bonus points for someone that will go for scenic bike ride, or hit a trail on their mountain bike. The ongoing understanding, unwavering encouragement of your passion, the willingness to learn and be a part of your devotion to the sport.

You should be equally willing to back whatever fuels their spirit. That might be a better starting place when evaluating potential partners. Chances are, it will also drastically improve the quality of your dating life and ensuing relationships.

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Date a Runner

Sarah Lavender Smith January 29th, My friend and I were nearly three hours into a Saturday-morning run through the redwoods in the Oakland hills. My friend also happens to be a guy and attractive. Alone in the wilderness over miles of singletrack, he and I talked enthusiastically about training and the nuances of ultramarathon preparation.

Suddenly he stopped abruptly, looked at his watch and dropped an F-bomb. His voice had an edge of hostility that alarmed and saddened me.

Dating Endurance Athlete. Cycling Sports? Endurance Love People Rich Do · Why Trained have they hard however But fitness, physical extraordinary takes.

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Is Running a Threat to Your Relationship?

For the past 7 months I kept this information well hidden: I was dating a fellow endurance athlete. If this is your first time reading one of my articles, allow me to describe myself. There is not much I am able to hide. That is something I love about the connections I make over the interwebs. But I hid this relationship out of respect for the other person and to give us space to feel out what it meant to date each other.

I had never attempted a relationship with someone who shared so much of my athletic interests, skills, and experiences.

What is mental toughness and how can athletes develop it to enhance performance? Sports Endurance sports give us numerous opportunities to quit.

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How endurance athletes are using the power of the now