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In our excitement over what we expected would be a fun interview we had failed to consider the possible difficulties. It turns out that interviewing four comedians at the same time is hard work. Typing up my recording afterwards was like trying to transcribe a riot. Ad — content continues below. Did it surprise you how quickly the UK shows sold out? Because they went in seconds.

“Son of Sal” sentenced to 75 years to life for murder of Brooklyn shopkeepers

There’s a lot of talk in Carol Weinberg’s play “Every Susie and Sal” about trying to do the right thing. At the center of the conflict is Rebecca, who has been estranged from her family for years. Rebecca’s lover, Ginny, tries to do the right thing by getting Rebecca to reconcile with her family and confront the trauma that caused the split. Rebecca’s mother tries to do the right thing by giving a 75th birthday party for Rebecca’s grandfather whether he wants it or not.

SAL Podcast, Episode 1: Apostolic Dating and its Discontents My church left the apostolic scene and it’s pretty much a non denominational.

Actor Sal Mineo is stabbed to death in Hollywood, California. Mineo was parking his car behind his apartment when neighbors heard his cries for help. Some described a white man with brown hair fleeing the scene. By the time they reached Mineo, he was almost dead from a deep wound to his chest. He died minutes later. Sal Mineo was a famous teen actor in the s. The transition to adult roles did not come easily for Mineo, but he later appeared in films such as The Longest Day and Escape From the Planet of the Apes , and consistently performed guest spots on television series.

On the night he was killed, Mineo was returning from rehearsing for a play. Investigators had discovered that his home was filled with pictures of nude men. But the homosexual pornography also failed to turn up any leads. Then, out of the blue, Michigan authorities reported that Lionel Williams, arrested on bad check charges, was bragging to everyone that he had killed Mineo.

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Actor Sal Mineo, 37, was tragically stabbed to death outside his West Hollywood apartment 40 years ago on Feb. The good looking, dark curly haired Sicilian with deeply passionate eyes starred in several movies and then later on television. He even enjoyed a short stint as a teen idol singer with several top hits. By the end of the s, Mineo was no longer a teen idol, and movie role offers diminished. He struggled with his homosexuality, and in the early s he was one of the few stars to come out as gay.

An actor who once leased a mansion where he threw lavish parties for his Hollywood friends, he was in debt by the early s and forced to live in a one-bedroom, first-floor apartment on Holloway Drive, a short street connecting Santa Monica Boulevard to the Sunset Strip.

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Friends knew the year-old father of state Assemblyman Mike Gatto as an easy person to talk to, a well-liked artist who spent decades teaching at schools across Los Angeles. He was a patriarch — not just to his close-knit family, but to a vast community of artists, former students and neighbors. Her father was slumped over his desk with a gunshot wound. Joseph Gatto was shot at least once in the abdomen with a small-caliber handgun, and his home had been ransacked, Los Angeles Police Lt.

Richard Parks said. But as investigators spent Thursday combing the house for evidence and talking to neighbors, they offered no details on a possible motive. One early theory is that Gatto, a jewelry maker, may have been targeted by robbers, police sources said. The homicide was a rarity for Silver Lake. City Councilman Tom LaBonge, who represents the area and knows the Gatto family, said tips were already coming in that could help the investigation.

Former students recalled Gatto as a teacher with a tough-love approach, whose honesty and guidance made him a valued mentor. Even after graduating from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Vargas said, he would come back for critiques from Gatto — and sometimes even recorded their conversations.

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Sounds like a great idea. Consider this an open casting call to any ladies who feel up to the challenge. Send me an e-mail: joelrile gmail. Or tweet. Great show, guys.

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He’d never seen such a room — trophies and game balls and jerseys and photos and videotapes, all at his disposal. He’d heard about a place called heaven, a magical place they raved about in Bible school, and he decided this had to be it. It had to be. Because his father was here. The 7-year-old would revel down there for hours, watching game film that made his eyes bulge, gripping a football that felt like love, deciding right then and there how he was going to spend the rest of his life:.

Who is Sal Vulcano dating? Is Sal Vulcano single or dating? haywire things went in that clip, it’s anyone’s guess how Sal is at dating in real.

The COVID pandemic is forcing us all to be creative with our communication, and no one knows that better than stars who have shifted their platforms in order to keep us entertained amid the pandemic. Fans are enjoying breaking bread with the comedians, and by the looks of Twitter, ladies seem to be especially taken by year-old Sal Vulcano. So, is he dating , single, married, or what? Keep reading while we try and parse out Sal Vulcano’s relationship status.

The new Impractical Jokers series invites viewers to “be a guest at a Dinner Party” and join longtime pals Joe Gatto, James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Sal Vulcano as they “dish about their week, their friendship, and whatever else is thrown on their dinner table” every Thursday night. Because no one knows better than these pranksters that “just because they can’t be together, doesn’t mean they have to stop laughing.

Staten Island native Sal seems to be an eligible bachelor at the moment, according to a Cheat Sheet article that dates back to March, though as we all know, a lot has changed for everyone in the months since. Set your DVRs! Season 2 of miseryindextbs begins with all new episodes. Gather your fam or jump on a zoom with friends, shout at the tv and play along! This isn’t impracticaljokersofficial. Of course, it’s always possible that Sal just happens to be extremely private and has kept a low profile since the series began airing in Then again, viewers did get to see Sal go on a “Date Night” in January of , and considering how haywire things went in that clip, it’s anyone’s guess how Sal is at dating in real life, away from cameras.

But considering the way his fans are absolutely swooning over this comedian — who as of March has done the most punishments of any Impractical Joker, at 68 — it seems Sal can take his pick.

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The two share a pair of daughters, year-old Sophia and year-old Claire just like on TV! Gloria, the sexy, loud, loving second wife of Jay Pritchett, is played with hilarious timing and just enough sass by Colombian actress Sofia Vergara. It came out perfectly how I wanted, I have to say. The pair has two children, 8-year-old Frances and 6-year-old Greta, and they have strong ties to Utah, where Burrell owns two bars and a restaurant.

Family is everything to Ty and Holly Burrell, and Ty told Fatherly that he loves sitting down to dinner with his wife and daughters each night.

These are just my favorite people in the world, and this scene with Murr in the store talking to that “typical” NY guy so freaking funny!! These are.

From starting out delivering pizzas to appearing on reality TV to selling out shows across the country — his career continues to grow. Born August 26, , Sal was influenced early on by his Italian-American grandmother to love the musical genius of the classic crooner sounds of Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, and Frank Sinatra. Sal started in music by playing instruments that included the baritone horn, bass trumpet, tuba, and trombone.

Ironically, the power of his voice was discovered by accident. During a horn lesson in high school, the instructor asked him to choose a song to play. With further encouragement from his family, Sal started to take his newfound talent seriously.

Sal interviews a really Hot Girl – Impractical Jokers – Season 5