I have a trophy wife – and I don’t care that she wants me for my money

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Premier League Trophy Hunters: The Women Who Would Be WAGs

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Download Citation | American Men and Romance Tourism: Searching for Traditional Trophy Wives as Status Symbols of Masculinity | Increasing numbers of.

Men and Women are two eminent pillars of life. However, the thinking and psychology of both of them differ. Women are more of loving and sensitive nature while men prefer more about their status. To present themselves, high class, they buy all kind of expensive stuff and remain up to date. This is mere displaying of the personality which actual they are not.

Such men are greedy for trophies in their life. They want women who stand out in all aspects and provide him the required attention. Thus, the term Trophy Wife came into being. You might have heard regarding the term Trophy Wife, even if you have let me tell you. Trophy Wives are the arm candies of not so similar looking men. Yes, you might have come across sexy and hot model looking women holding arms of a man who is much inferior to her looks. However, this is what it is meant to be, the status and recognition symbol.

Wife is the partner for life and is the first step to name and fame in the world. Trophy Wife is kind of accessory of a man whom he would always want to wear or showcase to the public because of its esteemed value.

Trophy Wife

Here’s some bad news for men with highly successful careers and fat wallets: You probably will not end up with a “trophy wife,” a new study suggests. When researchers compared qualities such as level of attractiveness and socioeconomic status within couples, they found almost no evidence of the trophy wife stereotype , which suggests attractive, young women tend to marry rich and successful men.

Instead, couples are far more likely to end up together because they share similar traits. For example, attractive, wealthy or highly educated people are more likely to choose a partner with the same qualities. The same is true for less attractive, low-earning or less educated people. Trophy wife marriages still happen, but not nearly as often as expected, the study revealed.

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Shankar Vedantam. The idea of a “trophy wife” is common in popular culture: Attractive young women trade beauty for status by “marrying up” and finding wealthy husbands. Let’s explore a pejorative phrase – trophy wife. That’s the phrase that is used sometimes when a rich, older man marries a much poorer but attractive woman.

As part of our series on The Changing Lives of Women, NPR’s social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam has come across some research asking how often the trophy wife phenomenon really happens. Shankar, welcome back to the program. This clearly does happen. Your question is how often it happens. She’s a sociologist at the University of Notre Dame. And she thinks that the trophy wife phenomenon is actually much, much rarer than most of us think.

And her skepticism of the phenomenon grows out of the fact that one of the foundational observations in sociology is that when it comes to love and marriage and all kinds of other social relationships, birds of a feather tend to flock together.

Some ‘trophy wives’ agree to a no-children provision

How could we not? Or they end up jaded — and single — like me. I was 22 when I met a billionaire bachelor twice my age at a charity event. After a few flirty phone calls, I wanted to know everything about the billionaire. So of course, I started Googling.

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S1 E1 – Pilot. Kate finds herself married with an instant family. S1 E2 – Cold File.

Trophy Wives

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At 50, Gundersen, a divorced father of three, wanted to remarry, but there was a catch: He didn’t want more children.

I have a friend who thinks he married a trophy wife. He is 64 and she is He is shy around women and had not dated in a decade. She has notably extremely.

I thought you might be interested in this comment of which I am the author and response by Elizabeth McClintock that just came out in ASR. The subject is about whether beauty and status e. Figure 1 in the article summarizes all of this. Its surprising to me how hard it has been to explain this simple concept to some of my colleagues. Gullickson provides further details here. This formula ostensibly applied to girls, but in retrospect I think we were talking about ourselves without realizing it.

First, it seems pretty clear, from various stories we hear about in the news, that trophy wives do exist. Of course they are exchanged, in some numbers.

These Billionaires Have Stunning Trophy Wives, and These Photos Confirm It

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Trophy wives and the men that seek them are not particularly beloved by society. The women who strive for the title are considered without substance, in possession of only good looks that have a limited shelf life. The men who strive to have them aren’t judged much more kindly, due to their shallow desires and presumed tendency to then “trade in” these women for “younger models” — you know, like cars or cattle put to slaughter. What they both do have is something that the other wants; the woman has the youth and beauty and the man has the wealth and power.

What is to be done, however, when you’re the man and you’re missing that part where you actually have something to offer? In a forum on Quora , an unnamed, presumed gentleman wondered just that:. Good question! It’s pretty easy to get a hot young wife if you’re rich, but what are the best strategies if you just think you deserve one because you live on earth and and possess male genitalia?

Some people decided to help this dude out. Like Craig Clark of Washington DC, who responded with a whole 21 ways you could find someone to share your bed with — and not all were facetious. Clark’s suggestions ranged from the passive:. Such beautiful people typically reveal in interviews how society initially prevented them from getting dates prior to—and often even following—their superstar status.

These Billionaires Have Stunning Trophy Wives, and These Photos Prove It

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The idea of a “trophy wife” is common in popular culture: Attractive young in dating relationships, cohabiting relationships, marriage relationships. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for.

At the World Cup in Germany, the wives and girlfriends of the England team descended on provincial Baden-Baden for a few weeks. The term “WAG” was coined. You’ll find it in the Collins English Dictionary , defined as “the wife or girlfriend of a famous sportsman. Some girls suddenly had a new “occupation” of choice to go after on careers day. Their dream was to be ” shopping and partying with their mates and [have] a gorgeous, preferably rich, bloke on their arm,” wrote editor Donna Armstrong.

Not surprisingly, the pursuit of WAG status has become a serious business. These women in towns and cities up and down the UK want to make sure that when they do make eye contact with the year-old Premier League hotshot, they look their alluring best. Not that these women are always meeting players in such old-fashioned ways. The new breed of wannabe is using social media; a woman must have fast fingers on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and dating sites to be successful at the art.

Fine Living: How To Find A Trophy Wife

Aug 14, Relationships 3. Furthermore, Chu goes onto to speculate why the women go along with it regardless:. Or… are these women just glorified opportunists? Chu points out that many of these Asian trophy wives are highly educated and successful, which goes against the idea of a traditional trophy wife who is much less educated than her husband.

As you probably can tell, this article has incited some pretty strong comments both in the blogosphere and in the articles comments section.

Twenty percent of men reported dating women who earned more. Jim Pak, 34, was introduced to Kristin Ketner, 38, a Harvard MBA and a hedge.

By Margot Peppers. Trophy wives are typically known to be young and good-looking with not much to offer intellectually, but a new generation of trophy wives is breaking the mold. Today’s trophy wife – like designer Georgina Chapman, blogger Julie Lin, beauty expert Donna Spangler and former Playboy centerfold Stephanie Adams – still aims to please her husband, but she has her own ventures and ambitions as well.

Calling these women ‘the full package,’ New York-based matchmaker Richard Easton explained to the New York Post : ‘Men are visual, so the women are always beautiful, but it’s beauty inside and out. Love knows no bounds: year-old billionaire George Soros married Tamiko Bolton, a year-old health care consultant, this weekend with a lavish three-day celebration.

Dr Richard Benveniste, 74, holds onto his partner of 16 years, year-old Donna Spangler right. He added that unlike the traditional concept of a trophy wife, modern versions ‘need brains, a good education and a career. Designer Georgina Chapman is a prime example; the stunning year-old former model is married to year-old Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of film production firm The Weinstein Company. Stephanie Adams, who was the November Playboy Playmate, also plays a supporting role to her successful husband.

The five-foot-nine model, 43, is currently married to her second husband Charles Nicolai, a successful chiropractor on Wall Street. Despite his immense wealth and ability to support her, Stephanie has used her two business degrees to write 25 New Age self-help books and start her own line of organic beauty products. She has also taken over the financial side of her husband’s firm, and is making it her mission to debunk the common conception that trophy wives are wholly superficial.

Entrepreneur: Former Playboy centerfold Stephanie Adams, 43, is married to a successful chiropractor. She has two business degrees, has written 25 self-help books and started her own line of organic beauty products.

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